Proper Roof Winterization

As the cold months approach, it’s important to remember your roof winterization requirements to keep your roof strong and extend its lifespan. Performing these simple tasks can not only maximize your roof’s life but also minimize repairs and money out of your pocket.

Roof WinterizationRoof Inspection

Inspect your roofing system, examining your materials and components to look for curling, warping, or tearing of your roof shingles. Repair damaged shingles with roof cement, or call a repair expert for missing or badly damaged parts. Also, check the flashing for separation from expansion and contraction which can cause roof leaks. Inspect your caulk to ensure there is no bunching. If so, simply peel off the old caulk and replace it.

Gutter and Downspouts

Your gutter system plays a vital role in the health of your home during Winter months by helping to shed large amounts of water from melting snow and ice. When your gutter system doesn’t work properly, it can cause issues like foundation damage, yard flooding, and mold and mildew on your outside walls. Examine your gutters and downspouts, checking for cracks and breaks, bent or hanging pieces, and debris buildup. For any damaged gutter pieces, call a professional for quick, hassle-free repairs.

Branch Pruning

One of the major causes of roof damage in the Winter is overhanging tree branches and limbs. These branches collect large amounts of snow and ice and could break and release the weight onto your roof. To ensure your home is safe from falling snow collections, trim any branches that hang over your roof.

Under the Roof

Be sure to inspect the inside of your home including walls, ceilings, and insulation for signs of hidden water leaks. These hidden leaks cause a slow release of water that could get substantially larger if large amounts of water from snow or ice are collected on your roof. If you see signs of possible water damage, contact a professional roofing specialist to repair your leak promptly to minimize damage to your home.

Completing these simple roof winterization tasks will help ensure that roof and home make it through the Winter months safe and secure. When you need roof winterization services or to schedule roof repairs found during your inspection, call the professionals of American Roofing and Construction at (469) 808-9050.