Aluminum and Copper Roofs

North Texans endure some pretty extreme summer months. Cooling your home can be an expensive undertaking, especially with record breaking temperatures. When you’re picking a roof that can endure the harsh summer sun, metal roofing provides a brilliant solution. Aluminum and copper roofs are among the most popular choices for North Texans, and for good reasons.

A Copper Roof with an Ornate Design

Aluminum and Copper Roofs Feature Strong Resistance to Weather and Corrosion Damage.


It’s not a dinky metal anymore. Out of all the materials homeowners have to choose from, aluminum showcases some of the strongest weather resistance. In the winter, aluminum roofing can handle sudden snow or icing.

However, north Texans pick this metal for its ability to reflect sunlight. Instead of absorbing heat like other materials (and upping your HVAC bill), aluminum roofing deflects sunlight to maintain that sweet cool air inside the house. It’s perfect for homeowners and businesses trying to save money on their energy bills.


Not many roofing materials appreciate in value. Copper’s dazzling luster however, grows more beautiful with age. For homeowners searching for a way to enhance their property value, copper roofing can offer the added flair you’re craving.

It’s not just pretty though! The metal is strongly resistant to corrosion and weather damage. Copper will also conform to almost any shape you desire, making it premium choice for more demanding roof designs.

Aluminum and copper roofs provide wonderful value and protection for your home. For more information on metal roofing and the installation process, talk to one of our specialists at American Roofing & Construction. Call (469) 808-9050.