Basic Care for Metal Roofing: 3 Simple D.I.Y. Tips

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Caring for Your Metal Roofing is Easy With These 3 Tips. Find Out More Below!

Great job! You’ve skipped the regular hassle that so many roofing systems bring and chosen low-maintenance metal roofing. All it takes to keep your roofing healthy (and looking fantastic) is a bi-annual cleanup. If you’re wondering how to clean your roof in the most time-efficient way possible, follow these three tips and you’ll be done in no time!

Cleaning Tip #1: Wash Off the Debris (20 minutes)

This part can be finished in under half an hour. Just grab a trash bag, some gloves, a hose, and a ladder. Wash off any twigs, leaves, and dirt sitting on top of your roof. Once you’ve finished the initial rinse, take a moment to clean out any gunk that may have fallen in the gutters. This will protect your roof from minor corrosion that likes to eat away the paint.

Cleaning Tip #2: Get the Grime Out (10-30 minutes)

You may have noticed a smudge or two on your rooftop. Use a soft cloth (or sponge) and some Formula 409 to rub out any of grime. Tougher smudges may require something stronger; a blend of dish soap, water, and household bleach should do the trick. Removing this grime will further protect your roof from attracting dirt and losing paint.

Cleaning Tip #3: Finish With Minor Touch Ups (20-30 minutes)

Speaking of paint, if you noticed any deep scratches or metal chips in your paint job, now is a great time to take care of them. Remove any foreign chips stuck in the paint, then cover any scratches with a bit of manufacturer approved paint. Make sure you use a brush, or you might create more work for yourself.

Follow these three suggestions and you’ll enjoy a beautiful, longer-lasting rooftop for many years. For more information on metal roofing, or to schedule an inspection, call our expert roofing team at (469) 808-9050!