How to Tell If Your Roof Is Leaking

A leaking roof can cause all kinds of problems and if you don’t know that it is leaking, you may miss the chance to have it fixed before it causes major damage. There are many times that people don’t even realize that their roofs have a problem at all. Sometimes if a storm hits suddenly, it can do damage to your roof, but without you going up there, there is no way that you would know that it has happened. Also there are many times that water will leak into your attic and cause damage there, but without you knowing that it is going on. Unless you have an inspection or go looking, many times you will not find a leak. Here are a few signs that you should look out for and if you see them, you should call a roofer out you your home right away.

Signs of a Roof Leak


Mold – Mold is something nobody wants to hear in regards to their home, or ever for that matter. If you start to see mold growing in places on your ceiling or even on your roof, this is a major sign that you have a roof leak.

Brown Spot on Ceiling – When water starts to leak through the walls, it will leave spots on the wall where it sat. It will usually come through from a broken shingle or even hail damage that has happened. Either way it means that there is a hole of some kind in your roof and that needs to be fixed right away.

If you have a leaking roof or suspect that you do, give our team at American Roofing & Construction a call, by dialing (469) 808-9050 right away. We can have an inspector out to you right away.