Why You Need to Schedule a Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Service

Protect Your Roof’s Fascia from Corrosion by Having Your Gutters Cleaned.

A home’s gutter system is one of the most frequently used yet underappreciated fixtures on the roofing system. Too many homeowners forget that their gutter system requires maintenance and care just like any other part of the roof. Here are three reasons why your home needs regular gutter cleaning.

Reason #1: Clogged Gutters Make a Mess

Your gutter system isn’t there to just catch rain. When leaves, twigs, and mush start to clog up your gutters, the system cannot direct water away from your house. This causes water to spill over onto the side of your house and pool next to the walls. Unless you enjoy puddles across your walkways and garage entrance, getting your gutters cleaned is an easy way to avoid the mess.

Reason #2: Spills Corrode Your Fascia

The fascia is the portion of your roof that fits between your soffit and the edge of the rooftop. It protects your home from pests and outside heat, all while serving as the primary connection point for your gutter system. When clogged gutters spill over onto the side of the roof, your fascia is slowly corroded over time, eventually causing cracks and splits.

Reason #3: Water Leaks Endanger Your Foundation

A little watering now and then is great for your foundation. However, large puddles can erode the base of your home and cause cracks in your foundation or shifting in the surrounding earth. The gutter system’s most important job is to direct water away from your home’s base, so your foundation isn’t damaged after every rain storm.

Those are three of the many reasons to schedule a gutter cleaning. If you’d like more information about gutter systems or your home’s fascia, talk to one of our professional roofers at(469) 808-9050.