Emergency Roof Repair

Your roof system is the ultimate protector of your home, and when it’s compromised, so is the safety and well being of your family and property. When your home is seriously damaged, call our experts to provide immediate emergency roof repair in Plano, TX that will protect your home, property, and family until permanent repairs can be completed. Call our experts at (469) 808-9050 to get started now.

Roof Damage

Don’t let roof damage get the best of you. Call our experts to help.

Professional Emergency Services

Don’t risk more damage to your roof and home by waiting to make repairs. Our professionals can provide emergency roof repair services of all types, including:

  • Multi-Drip Leak Prevention
  • Large hole Reinforcement and Coverage
  • Roof Material Substitution
  • Buckle Reinforcement

When your roof is seriously damaged in a storm or accident, you need protection now. Our roofing technicians will evaluate your roof damage and provide viable, affordable temporary options that will help prevent further damage and protect your home. Whether you have a gaping hole caused by falling branches or a roof leak that is trickling to multiple locations, our experts know just what to do to reinforce, brace, and cover your damage until a permanent solution can be found. We use dependable, high-quality plastic covering and wood braces to ensure proper protection.

Our Service Doesn’t Stop There

Along with completing your emergency repairs, our professionals will help you navigate your insurance claim, providing guidance on paperwork, photos, and damage reports to help you get quick results. We will perform a comprehensive roof inspection and report to define and explain all damages and discuss all of your options with you to ensure you get the best service possible. Our experts will deliver material details such as cost, benefits, and life expectancy, and discuss timeline, labor, and procedure to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Our roofing team will complete your final repairs quickly and reliably, delivering exceptional customer service and workmanship that your family can rely on for years to come. When you need professional emergency roof repair in Plano, TX or around the DFW Metroplex, call the professionals at American Roofing and Construction at (469) 808-9050 for roof work you can trust.