Fascia Repair Service

While your fascia isan extremely noticeable and essential part of your home's roof, you might notice that inexperienced companies do notinclude fascia service in their roofing service. The professionals atAmerican Roofing & Constructionrecognize the importance of fascia however, and we make sure it is in great condition every time we work on your house's roof system. Properly installed fascia is designed to defend the terminus of your rafters, and provide you with a solid area to place your gutters. Rotten or failing fascia is not good, since leaves your roof susceptible to pest infestations, as well as leaks.

Even the most durable fascia will start to rot and showcase indicators of corrosion over the years. A simple inspection will typically show whether or not your fascia necessitates a fix. Contact (469) 808-9050 now for fascia repair in Plano, TX from the leaders at American Roofing & Construction.

Signs You Need New Fascia

Fascia Replacement

For quality fascia repair on your roof, call our experts today!

An easy visual examination will reveal whether your fascia needs professional attention or replacement. If you believe that your fascia has reached the end of its life, then you should contact us for a professional review to consider its ability to persist. Keep in mind, fascia offers an important method of protection against the elements, insects, and rodents. Maintaining your fascia and soffit serves as a key to protect against more expensive repairs across your roof.

Water Damage: As the years pass, fascia can become prone to water damage from nearness to the rain gutters. This happens most commonly because your rain gutters begin to bubble over onto the fascia during rain and hail storms, causing them to cease working properly. Straightforward old age will also cause this to take place. When fascia becomes water damaged, the boards will warp and unbind, thus making the underside of your roof vulnerable to damage.

Peeling Paint: Peeling paint makes an unattractive problem that affects your home’s curb appeal. Peeling paint on the fascia will also serve as a signal of approaching damage since the paint protects the wood from rot. A homeowner needs to always replace deteriorated fascia, as it can no longer do its job properly. If nothing else, a fresh coat of paint for your fascia will offer some protection and an immediate facelift for your home.

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Fascia supplies a very practical job for the upkeep and defense of your home. As the owner of a residence, you should pursue frequent maintenance of your fascia, as it can help guarantee the long life of your roofing. For fascia maintenance in Plano, TX, entrust the crew at American Roofing & Construction. Contact us right away at (469) 808-9050 for any questions or service needs.