Roof Leak Repair

When not addressed, even small roof leaks can turn into big problems. An unrepaired roof leak can lead to mold, mildew, inside damages to ceilings, walls, and attics and even structural weakening of your roof. Our professionals will complete your roof leak repair in Plano, TX quickly and reliably to get you back to normal. Call (469) 808-9050 to speak with our consultants and schedule your roof leak repair appointment today.

Roof Leak Repair

Weather damage is one the most common contributors to roof leaks.

Roof Leak Problems

Leaky roofs can cause a plethora of long-term issues that can cost you hassle and headaches as well as being expensive. Roof leaks can cause structural damage, inside damage, rot, and health problems when not repaired. Because of this, it’s imperative to thoroughly inspect your roof regularly and repair any leaks or damaged areas that could turn into leaks as soon as they’re noticed.

Attic and Ceiling Damage

With many roof leaks, water will begin to seep into the home and into the attic. When this happens support beams and other wood could begin to rot and damage their structural integrity, causing them to lose strength. This can also cause mold and mildew within the walls and wood that could lead to health concerns.

Insulation Damage

When insulation gets wet, it tends to bunch up, causing holes within your insulation barrier and allowing energy to escape and increase your utility bills. Water in your insulation can also cause mold and mildew which can lead to health issues like bronchial and sinus issues. When a roof leak causes your insulation to get wet, the moist area should be replaced with dry, fresh insulation to prevent ongoing issues.

Safety Hazards

Roof leaks that cause moisture within your attic can cause electrical hazards that can end in shock or even fire. The water doesn’t have to be directly dripping on an electrical wire or outlet to be a hazard. Moisture that builds up on the walls and turns to condensation can be enough water to start a spark that could ignite, or to conduct enough electricity to shock you or a family member. Any water found near wiring or electrical boxes should be tended to by a professional.

Roof leaks can cause both short and long-term damages if not handled promptly. Our experts will evaluate your roof and recommend realistic, viable repairs for every budget to help ensure that your family is protected. Call our professionals today at (469) 808-9050 when you need roof repair service in Plano, TX or any of the surrounding areas.