Professional Soffit Repair

Soffit, the component that links the roofing overhang to the side of the structure, usually gets constructed from OSB or plywood. Soffit supplies an invaluable operation for a residence that most homeowners are unaware of. Soffit defends the eaves of your residence from complete exposure.

Aside from a design element, soffit also protects the rafters from damage from insects, rodents, and water. Roofs without soffit and fascia can become susceptible to water cast into the underside from strong winds. Roofs that benefit from soffit repair will gain longer lives. Call American Roofing & Construction at (469) 808-9050 right away for any need of soffit maintenance in Plano. TX.

Do You Need Soffit Repairs?

Soffit Replacement

Don’t let your soffit go unrepaired. Our experts can help!

Over the years, the weather and pests can damage your soffit. Your soffit will require infrequent service or replacement just like any other component of your roof. Give our team a call for maintenance today if any of the following indicators have become apparent.

Brown Stains: These announce a leak from your roof that has begun to deteriorate your soffit. Your roofing’s tar will create the brown stains. The condition of your roofing will be dependent on fixing this leak. Water-logged soffit becomes susceptible to rot, so you will additionally need to repair or replace the damaged pieces.

Buckling: If soffit material becomes often soaked, buckling appears as an additional signal of water deterioration. This characterizes soffit in immediate need of replacement and can take place due to a leaking roof or malfunctioning gutters. The revealing buckling takes place when soffit delaminates through frequent exposure to water.

Leaking Gutters: Leaking gutter systems create the good likelihood that your soffit needs changing or maintenance. Your soffit can take the wear as water backs up due to obstructions from punctures or separation. While its function protects against the invasion of water into your roofing, the damage your soffit accepts will increase over the years.

Call for Professional Soffit Repair

Your roof requires a significant amount of protection, especially from water as well as pests, and soffit is a big part of that protection. You must also stay cognizant of animal nests that are made close to your soffit, and remove them quickly. Aside from critters, inspect your soffit for indications of moisture damage from every once in a while. Call our team of roof professionals at (469) 808-9050 if you find your home in need of soffit maintenance in Plano, TX, or the surrounding area. American Roofing & Construction is dedicated to expert customer service, and impressive results, so give us a call and experience the difference!