What To Do When You Have Storm Damage

Storms can roll in when you least expect it. While sometimes the atmosphere is nice, many homeowners worry about what this kind of weather can do to their homes and roofs. Your roof is designed to protect your property and take the brunt of the poor weather, however, this can lead to damage, allowing water to get in to cause mold mildew and wood rot. However, knowing what steps to take when this happens can prevent an emergency in the future. American Roofing & Construction knows how stressful this can be and has compiled a list of tips to help you deal with storm damage to your roof.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Can Be Stressful To Deal With; Follow Our Tips To Minimize Damage.

Storm Damage Tips

  • If You Can, Determine the Extent: Once you notice damage, try to find the source of the issue within your roof system or attic. Determine how bad the damage is and what kind of damage it is, from worn materials to punctures in your roof. Some issues, such as leaks, may be able to be temporarily patched while you wait for repair.
  • Safeguard Your Belongings: If you have a leak or your roof is severely damaged, move your possessions away from the area. If any of your furniture or things have been damaged, prevent further damage. Try to catch any water that may be coming in to also keep your floor from damage.
  • Document All Damage and Issues: Take photos of the storm damage and anything that has been affected. Make thorough notes as well. This information can be used in your insurance claim should you file one to support your need for repair or item replacement.

The final step is to contact your local roofing experts! American Roofing & Construction is always available to assist you with quality roofing services for your home in Plano, TX. We Offer emergency roofing services to get your roof repaired and back to protecting your home before the next storm. Call us today at (469) 808-9050.