Is Wind Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Is Wind Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Unsure If Wind Damage Roof Repair Is Covered By Your Insurance? Read About Our Helpful Tips!

Most of the time your insurance will take care of roof damage that is caused by wind, but there are factors that they take into consideration. The age of the roof, the city you live in, the roofing material, as well as lack of maintenance can come into effect when an insurance company is deciding whether or not they will cover your wind damage roof repair. The best way to find out is by calling your insurance company and getting a professional inspection done by a licensed roofer.

Roof Damage Signs

Even when a storm with heavy wind has passed through our city, we don’t always necessarily call for help. This is due to the fact that we don’t see signs immediately. However, when a storm has passed through, it’s important to make absolutely sure that you don’t have wind damage to your roof. Read through this list of roof damage signs to better prepare yourself for the next storm.

  • Roof Leaks: This one of the biggest indicators that you need wind damage roof repair after a storm. Wind damage can make your home susceptible to leaks, which in turn can cause water damage.
  • Overturned Trees: Another big sign that you might need roof repair after a storm is if you see trees overturned and broken branches all over your property.
  • Roofing Components: Things like your gutters, soffit, fascia, flashing, roof material are broken, cracked, dented, or missing.
  • Home Exterior: Things like your windows, siding, and even your foundation can show signs like mold, dents, and cracks that indicate that a storm has done quite a bit of damage.

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